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Oh Maaan!! Welcome to this brand new site, a place for all my little funny side projects – and say hello to Miguel, the man who build this site….

What I hope to achieve is to have something more lasting than the fleeting world of instagram and facebook, a site, like a walk-in closet, where all the small creative stuff won’t get lost in space….

And communication!! – visit the “slowchat” – ask away, i’ll read it all and answer along the way (this is not online yet but in progress – Miguel )!!

Yours Eternally



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  1. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    Kære Jesper
    Det var så fantastisk igen at møde dig til Musicdays på Odeon i Odense.
    “The future is now” er en virkelig god sang og flot video.
    Jeg ved godt at WigWam i Odense helst ikke skal nævnes, men jeg vil gerne fortælle at Jeres koncert var fantastisk. Jeg husker stadig dit rød og sort stribede sæt tøj.
    Det bliver spændende at følge din nye netside.
    Kærlig hilsen

  2. Gerrit Carstens
    Gerrit Carstens says:

    Hey Jesper,
    great site, why not doing something besides your main band – nothing to hide!
    Sorry, can´t write in danish, although I´m living in Germany next to the border.
    So what should I say – have seen you at the last summer-gigs and it was brilliant!
    Everybody can feel, smell and hear your are still in loving and playing RnR Music as
    it´s best – yeaahh!
    The future is now – so we´re waiting for new material – the sooner the better,
    but nothing is easy. I know. We all getting older:) Sometimes an advantage!
    Thanx and cheers!
    Yours Gerrit


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