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Jesper Binzer Latest Rock Noise

Binzer & Gus G
Jesper Binzer - Big Dream



2 hours with rock

Every Sunday at. 14:00

Jesper MyRock Binzer

Latest Release – Dying Is Easy

Dying Is Easy

POLITIKEN: * * * * – “Troværdigt rockalbum kobler D-A-D´s evige ungdom til et ældre bliks stemme”.
B.T.: * * * * – “Det gøres ikke meget bedre i hårdrock-land”.
BØRSEN: * * * * – “Binzer synger flot på soloalbum”.
EKSTRABLADET: * * * * – “D-A-D´s alfahan beviser at han sagtens kan stå på egne ben”.
FYENS STIFT: * * * * – “Binzer kører den sikkert hjem i garagen”
JYLLANDSPOSTEN: * * * * * – “Albummet er sprudlende. Mesterligt. Simpelthen”.
NORWAYROCK: * * * * * – “Hold kæft for en skide fed plade”.
ROCKREPORT: * * * * * .
FYENS STIFT: * * * * – “Binzer slog gnister til sin fynske solodebut”.
GAFFA: * * * * * – “Ude-mær-ket Jesper. Det blir et ja tak herfra”.
EKSTRABLADET: * * * * – “Vellykket verdenspremiere”.
TJECK: * * * * * *-“Jeg må bøje mig i støvet og sige at det er ikke bare godt det her, det er RIGTIG godt”.

Jesper Binzer – Event Dates

28.02.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE Train Aarhus, Denmark

TRAIN is a privately owned live venue and nightclub placed in the central of Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. TRAIN is appointed as a regional live venue by the Municipality of Aarhus and The Danish Agency for Culture. TRAIN is one of Denmarks largest regional venues and nightclubs. The concert capacity is 1000 guests for live concerts and 1300 guest for clubbing.

01.03.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE Vejle Musikteater, Denmark

02.03.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE Tobakken Esbjerg, Denmark

03.03.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE Tøjhuset Fredericia, Denmark

07.03.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE Sønderborghus, Denmark

08.03.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE Tobaksgaarden Assens, Denmark

09.03.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE Skive Theater, Denmark

10.03.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE Godset Koding, Denmark

The venue was established in March 2001 and even back then it helped put Kolding on the map of established scenes for rhythmic music. Godset is a venue that meets all demands that is required of an up-to-date venue. Godset offers 700 standing or approximately 350 seated audiences and is perfectly suited for both small and intimate concerts as well as the bigger rock events.

Godset is, together with various associations, working intensely with the musical profile in order to live up to the required demands to regional venues from Det Musikfaglige Udvalg/Kunstrådet.

Apart from the primary activity, which is rhythmic music, the venue is also hosting theatre, lectures etc.

15.03.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE Pavillonen Grenaa, Denmark

16.03.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE Fermaten Herning, Denmark

17.03.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE Turbinen Randers, Denmark

18.03.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE Skråen Ålborg, Denmark

05.04.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE Portalen Geve, Denmark

06.04.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, Denmark

Now: In January 2011 the new era of the famous music venue Pumpehuset was initiated, the house underwent some major changes and the new Pumpehuset was inaugurated on September 28, 2011.

In our newly renovated facilities we house two different venues – Kransalen og Sort Sal, each with the capacity of holding 600 and 400 people respectively. As a new feature we furthermore have designed an outdoor smoking terrace, which also holds a well-assorted bar.

In these two venues we present a wide range of concerts, all with the purpose of covering the various angles of modern, urban subculture. As Pumpehuset is situated in the very heart of Copenhagen with excellent public transportation facilities nearby, it all makes the venue attractively located and easily reachable.

07.04.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE The Tivoli Helsingborg, Sweden

13.04.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE KB Malmø, Sweden

14.04.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE Sticky Fingers Gôteborg, Sweden

15.04.2018 - JESPER BINZER "THE SOLO ALBUM" LIVE Debaser Strand, Stockholm, Sweden

There‘s something inside me’n‘i know it’s good But understanding, it‘s misunderstood At the end of a smile, there’s a laugh n a half – D-A-D

Music – Mental Peace