Rock on Rock on Rock

JESPER BINZER will be releasing the 4. Single Rock on Rock On Rock from the forthcoming Solo Album; Dying Is Easy!

Rock on Rock On Rock | – Today Is The Day! – The 4. Single from the forthcoming Solo Album; Dying Is Easy, from Jesper Binzer

“You put stone on stone on stone, ´till you find a reason
You put brick on brick on brick, ´till it feels like home
You take love and life and revenge, everything you believe in
You put rock on rock on rock, until it´s rock´n´roll”

Listen to it on you favourite streaming provider, Jesper says: “This song is a little different from what you’ve heard so far, but it’s a good example of what kind of surprises awaits you on “Dying Is Easy”, – Rootsy, introvert and personal…Please enjoy :-)”

“Rock On Rock On Rock”

Album pre-order:



Dying Is Easy

Jesper Binzer – Dying Is Easy – Solo Album

Albumtracklist :

01  “The Future Is Now”

02  “Dying Is Easy (Rock´N´Roll Is hard)

03  “Rock On Rock On Rock”

04  “Planet Blue”

05  “Saint Fantasia”

06  “The Bumby Road”

07  “Tell Myself To Be Kind”

08  “Real Love”

09  “The Space She´s In”

10  “I See It In You”

Jesper Binzer will perform three shows live around the album release :

31.10 POSTEN – Odense
01.11 TRAIN – Aarhus
02.11 LOPPEN – Copenhagen (SOLD OUT)

Pre-order the new album here


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  1. Gerrit Carstens
    Gerrit Carstens says:

    Hey Jesper,
    until it´s Rock´N´Roll! All the songs I have listened are brilliant and varied, yeahh!
    Like me I know you like Bon Scott, too – he would be proud of you.
    Can´t wait for November to hold the record in my hands!
    What about playing your forthcoming gigs in Germany?
    Hamburg, Flensborg or Kiel … nice pleasure!
    Cheers & greets


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