Rock on Rock On Rock (Official Music Video)

Rock on Rock On Rock Music Video: Danish rock star Jesper Binzer releases new music video!

Rock on Rock On Rock Music Video| – Today Is The Day! – The 4. Single from the forthcoming Solo Album; Dying Is Easy, from Jesper Binzer, now have a music video.

Today we a proud to go with the new musicvideo by Jesper Binzer for the track “Rock On Rock On Rock”. The video is made by instructor Stevan Treshow that also did the D-A-D video for “I Want What She´s Got”, In this video Jesper Binzer has stepped out of his denim, and into a quite special room at Hearing Systems Technical University of Denmark, where the story of defining yourself is told by the main character himself.

“You put stone on stone on stone, ´till you find a reason
You put brick on brick on brick, ´till it feels like home
You take love and life and revenge, everything you believe in
You put rock on rock on rock, until it´s rock´n´roll”

Along with D-A-D, jesper Binzer´s first soloalbum “Dying Is Easy” will be released on november 3rd.
Several show has now been announced with his new band :
Søren Andersen (guitar), Christian Hede (guitar), Anders Borre (bas) og Jakob Rønlow (trommer)

Stay Tuned Here!

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