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1983 – NOW

History: D-A-D is a Danish rockband. Stig Pedersen took initiative to start the band up with Jesper and came up with ’Disneyland After Dark’ which was the original name of the band in the early 1980’s. The name was based on the idea that when the lights are out in Disneyland, anything can happen. When the band started to release albums in the U.S. the band changed the name to D-A-D to avoid any conflict and lawsuit with Disney. The first lineup for the band D-A-D consisted of Jesper, Stig, Peter and Stig’s girlfriend Lene Glumer. Although she already left the group after the first concert December 3, that same year. March 3, 1984 Jespers younger brother joined the band for a concert and they all liked what they heard and bit by bit he became a solid member of D-A-D.

The band now wanted to make a record. They began making demo recordings in their rehearsel room. A good friend of the band owned his own record store and helped the band to contacts aound in the music world. John Rosing was a Talent Manager from the management bureau ’Rock On’. He heard about Disneyland After Dark and sought out the band in 1984 and became their manager until a year before he past away of cancer in 1998.

1986 the band released their first album ’Call of the Wild’. Although the bands greatest breakthrough and success happened three years later (1989) with the album ’No Fuel For The Pilgrims which was also the bands 5th birthday. This breakthrough gave the band a million dollar record contract with Warner Bros. California, U.S. The band was bound to succeed in the U.S., but the breakthrough didn’t happen. With their energy from live performances with the hit single ’Sleeping My Day Away’, but in the long run the band just gave up on making it big in the U.S. and would focus on the European and Scandinavian market.

The current lineup is Jesper Binzer, Jacob Binzer, Stig Pedersen and Laust Sonne.

Meanwhile, the band kept touring in Europe. The largest concert the band played was at the opening act for the Böhse Onkelz on their farewell festival on June 17, 2005 for about 120,000 people on the Euro Speedway Lausitz.

It’s after dark now And Disneyland is closed… – D-A-D

John Smith Rock Festival 2017
John Smith Rock Festival 2017


2015 – NOW

Jesper Binzer is now hosting his very own radio show: ’I just want to share my passion of the best rock that exist!’

Denmark’s only full-blood rock radio, myROCK, got real on november 6, 2015 on the host front. And that is something of a scoop that the only three year old radio station could present. D-A-D lead singer Jesper Binzer said yes to be full blood radiant at the station in the program, appropriately named “myROCK myWAY”.

It’s ’long haired’ in a good way, the headbanging way when Denmark’s very big rock icon Jesper Binzer puts power to the desk every Sunday and rockin’ the microphone behind the new show “myROCK myWAY”. It takes place every Sunday at 14:00. Jesper takes a two hour ride of pure rock of his choice, the talk of rock and anecdotes. As he grew up in the rock’s entire decade in the 1970s and a career as a lead singer for D-A-D since 1982, Jesper feels right at home to the extent it comes to the rock music history. About “myRock myWay” “myROCK myWAY” will be aired every Sunday at 14:00 to 16:00. The program can be heard the following Saturday at 12:00 or on Radioplay, which is Bauer Media’s digital platform. MyROCK can be heard on FM, DAB and RadioPlay (web and app.).

About myROCK:

myROCK is Denmark’s only rock channel on FM. It was launched on april 2, 2013. MyRock is rock … from start to end. Here you get the classics you know – and the new tracks that in time will become classics. MyRock is rock – and nothing else. The channel is part of Bauer Media, which is also behind the stations NOVA FM, The Voice, Radio 100, Pop FM and Radio Soft in Denmark.

It’s after dark now And Disneyland is closed… – D-A-D

The Book: ’I Won’t Cut My Hair’

2013 This biography is Jesper’s story of how it all startet.

The Book: ’I Won’t Cut My Hair’ is the title of on of D-A-D’s greatest hits but also the title of Jesper’s biography. This biography is Jesper’s story of how it all startet and the story of the 30-year career in his energetic and entertaining rock memories. It is brutal honest and unpolished of a life in the fast lane. A story of how the big hits was born, even bigger record deals and wild concerts was made. But also a story of how drugs, random sex and alcohol was crontrolling everything behind their facade of their success. The biography is Binzer’s story of how he was dreaming of becoming an artist. Its a book with very personel and catching thoughts of Binzer told by himself.

The book is written and published in Danish.

It’s after dark now And Disneyland is closed… – D-A-D