it’s crazy how this heart talks
I never listened before
I’ve been so afraid of the future
in ways i couldn’t ignore
but now it’s crazy how calm I’m walking
to a place I’ve dreaded so much
yeah listen; my hearts been talking
; there ain’t no panic
I know how to land it…

the future is now
yeah my future is now
my heart beats fast my heart beats loud
I´m jumping
yeah my future is now
the future is now
yeah i know what they say
I’m gonna crash one day
I’m gonna land somehow
the future is now…

you know how it goes with a rebel
he always gives in in the end
and carries the weight of his shackles
– deaf to voices within
so if I tell you my heart is screaming
and that I hear everything it says
and everyone else is sleeping
I wont follow – I won’t wait ´till tomorrow

I know i´m standing on shoulders
no one get this far alone
aint going nowhere but older
never been afraid to go
the whole planet is moving
and you´re not looking around
now that I know what i´m doing
I feel so alone in this crowd

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