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JESPER BINZER will be releasing ” Dying Is Easy “ TODAY!

Dying Is Easy Album | For the first time in 33 years there has been some time off for Jesper Binzer to do some work on his own.

Dying Is Easy Album

All songs were recorded at Medley Studio in Copenhagen with Søren Andersen, who worked with Glenn Hughes from Deep Purple and produced albums for several rockacts from Artillery (4 albums) to Mike Tramp (5 albums) and played in his own band Electric Guitars. The album has been mixet by Jacob Hansen, who also worked on all Volbeat´s productions.

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Dying Is Easy

Jesper Binzer – Dying Is Easy

Albumtracklist :

01  “The Future Is Now”

02  “Dying Is Easy (Rock´N´Roll Is hard)

03  “Rock On Rock On Rock”

04  “Planet Blue”

05  “Saint Fantasia”

06  “The Bumby Road”

07  “Tell Myself To Be Kind”

08  “Real Love”

09  “The Space She´s In”

10  “I See It In You”




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  1. zengoth
    zengoth says:

    zengoth sayZ: ROCK´n´ROLL IS STILL ALIVEe & KIKKIN __ JESPER BINZER DYING IS EASY THEE ROCK ALBUM 2017 THXX A LOT from zengoth & lupuspupus666 in germany __ like d-a-d : no fillerss JUST KILLLASSS __ till may in essen/germany 2018 __ subatomaric paraloadin vz brainpeeelin __ -:)


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