Today the legendary danish singer Annisette turns 69, and as a tribute Jesper Binzer has made his own version of the rockclassic “Wild Child”, originally recorded in 1973 by Annisette and her band The Savage Rose.

“WILD CHILD” | Jesper Binzer tells why : “Since the early nineties I have been to many Savage Rose concerts, bursting out in tears when Annisette´s vocal went straight to my heart. “Wild Child” has always been very special for me, the intensity in song makes it so deep and mysterious, and takes many spins really to get into it. I wanted to do my own version of  “Wild Child” for a very long time, so when it finally happened two months ago, it was a magic moment recording it. It embraces the free spirit, and I can see myself in the lyrics”.

Wild Child

“Wild Child” is available digitally from today, but will appear as bonustrack on Jesper Binzer´s forthcoming soloalbum including 10 selfpenned songs going to be released november 3rd under the title “Dying Is Easy”.

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Jesper Binzer will play 3 shows in the autumn:

31.10 POSTEN – Odense
01.11 TRAIN – Aarhus
02.11 LOPPEN – Copenhagen



Last friday JESPER BINZER announced his upcoming soloalbum “Dying Is Easy”, that has been set for release November 3rd !

DYING IS EASY (ROCK´N´ROLL IS HARD) | After the release of his first solosingle “The Future Is Now” in July, another track has now been revealed. A pure metalfist smashing the wall of sound. Indeed an uppercut that takes you out.


Dying Is Easy (Rock´N´Roll Is Hard)” is here and now. I´s easy to give up, far too easy, bur here´s the track hammering full steam ahead with cheerfulness and fear of death. Hopefully it takes you by the hand for a journey in life”, tells Jesper Binzer that sums it up : “It´s also a song straight from the frontline, about taking over the stage again and again and again”.

Some people give up, cuz they´re afraid to die 
While I´m killing myself again, just to stay alive

Pre-order the new album here

Jesper Binzer will play 3 shows in the autumn:

31.10  POSTEN – Odense 

01.11  TRAIN – Aarhus

02.11  LOPPEN – Copenhagen

it’s crazy how this heart talks
I never listened before
I’ve been so afraid of the future
in ways i couldn’t ignore
but now it’s crazy how calm I’m walking
to a place I’ve dreaded so much
yeah listen; my hearts been talking
; there ain’t no panic
I know how to land it… Læs mere