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JESPER BINZER publishes 3 News:

Video for the new single “Dream Big”! Support for 9 concerts in Denmark, Sweden and Germany! Special vinyl release for Record Store Day! Jesper Binzer is on tour in March / April / May and is playing 22 concerts with his band after the release of his solo album “Dying Is Easy” back in November. […]

Big Dream – Jesper Binzer releases a new track

JESPER BINZER releases a new track right before a bigger solo tour! On February 23rd, just a week before Jesper’s major tour, Jesper is releasing a brand new single called “Dream Big”. Jesper tells us himself: “Dream Big” is a real melancholic candidate for the inner playlist – three verses from reality; about infertility, divorce […]


“Dying Is Easy” IS HERE! …………………….

JESPER BINZER will be releasing ” Dying Is Easy “ TODAY! Dying Is Easy Album | For the first time in 33 years there has been some time off for Jesper Binzer to do some work on his own. Dying Is Easy Album All songs were recorded at Medley Studio in Copenhagen with Søren Andersen, who worked with Glenn Hughes from Deep Purple and […]


Rock on Rock On Rock – Jesper Binzer !

JESPER BINZER will be releasing the 4. Single Rock on Rock On Rock from the forthcoming Solo Album; Dying Is Easy! Rock on Rock On Rock | – Today Is The Day! – The 4. Single from the forthcoming Solo Album; Dying Is Easy, from Jesper Binzer “You put stone on stone on stone, ´till you […]

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Today the legendary danish singer Annisette turns 69, and as a tribute Jesper Binzer has made his own version of the rockclassic “Wild Child”, originally recorded in 1973 by Annisette and her band The Savage Rose. “WILD CHILD” | Jesper Binzer tells why : “Since the early nineties I have been to many Savage Rose […]



Last friday JESPER BINZER announced his upcoming soloalbum “Dying Is Easy”, that has been set for release November 3rd ! DYING IS EASY (ROCK´N´ROLL IS HARD) | After the release of his first solosingle “The Future Is Now” in July, another track has now been revealed. A pure metalfist smashing the wall of sound. Indeed an uppercut that […]


New Soloalbum “Dying Is Easy” on november 3rd !

JESPER BINZER will be releasing his new soloalbum ” Dying Is Easy “ on november 3rd! Dying Is Easy | For the first time in 33 years there has been some time off for Jesper Binzer to do some work on his own. After 11 albums and several thousand shows D-A-D put their creativity on stand-by last year, but singer and guitarist […]