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Rock on Rock On Rock – Jesper Binzer !

JESPER BINZER will be releasing the 4. Single Rock on Rock On Rock from the forthcoming Solo Album; Dying Is Easy! Rock on Rock On Rock | – Today Is The Day! – The 4. Single from the forthcoming Solo Album; Dying Is Easy, from Jesper Binzer “You put stone on stone on stone, ´till you […]

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Today the legendary danish singer Annisette turns 69, and as a tribute Jesper Binzer has made his own version of the rockclassic “Wild Child”, originally recorded in 1973 by Annisette and her band The Savage Rose. “WILD CHILD” | Jesper Binzer tells why : “Since the early nineties I have been to many Savage Rose […]



Last friday JESPER BINZER announced his upcoming soloalbum “Dying Is Easy”, that has been set for release November 3rd ! DYING IS EASY (ROCK´N´ROLL IS HARD) | After the release of his first solosingle “The Future Is Now” in July, another track has now been revealed. A pure metalfist smashing the wall of sound. Indeed an uppercut that […]


New Soloalbum “Dying Is Easy” on november 3rd !

JESPER BINZER will be releasing his new soloalbum ” Dying Is Easy “ on november 3rd! Dying Is Easy | For the first time in 33 years there has been some time off for Jesper Binzer to do some work on his own. After 11 albums and several thousand shows D-A-D put their creativity on stand-by last year, but singer and guitarist […]

Welcome to this brand new site

Oh Maaan!! Welcome to this brand new site, a place for all my little funny side projects – and say hello to Miguel, the man who build this site…. What I hope to achieve is to have something more lasting than the fleeting world of instagram and facebook, a site, like a walk-in closet, where […]